Corrugated Cardboard Box 0201

Corrugated Cardboard Box 0201


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Corrugated Cardboard Box 0201

Robust corrugated cardboard cases suitable for a variety of purposes such as packaging, moving office/home etc.

Stock Sizes

Single wall – 0201 Double wall – 0201
280mm x 220mm x 280mm 180mm x 180mm x 210mm
305mm x 229mm x 229mm 305mm x 229mm x 229mm
320mm x 230mm x 178mm 305mm x 305mm x 305mm
457mm x 320mm x 178mm 457mm x 305mm x 305mm
572mm x 381mm x 274mm 508mm x 508mm x 508mm


Corrugated cases can also be manufactured to your specifications subject to minimum order quantities.

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