Grip Seal Polythene Bags

Product:    Grip Seal Polythene Bags

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Grip seal polythene bags

Our grip seal bags are ideal for keeping a wide array of items free from dust and moisture while in transit or storage. These bags are resealable and can be used many times over.

Plain or with write on panel.


CodeSizeMicronPack Qty
G037mm x 62mm401000
G156mm x 56mm401000
G256mm x 75mm401000
G375mm x 80mm401000
G488mm x 112mm401000
G5112mm x 112mm401000
G6100mm x 137mm401000
G7137mm x 137mm401000
G875mm x 187mm401000
G9125mm x 187mm401000
G10187mm x 187mm401000
G11150mm x 225mm451000
G12200mm x 275mm451000
GA4228mm x 320mm451000
G13320mm x 320mm451000
G14250mm x 350mm451000
G15275mm x 400mm451000
G16325mm x 450mm451000
G17375mm x 500mm451000
G10550mm x 225mm451000
GSP150mm x 138mm x 200mm501000